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Gunther Kaun Architects has some new developments to share with you.


In May of 2019, Anita Gunther and Dalton Kaun established Gunther Kaun Architects which was built on common values, passion for design and the desire to question the status quo. Today these values, passion and desire for what we do remain unchanged; however, Anita and Dalton will be continuing in different directions.   


We will work independently and continue to practise architecture in the way that supports our individual goals, objectives, and vision. Our values will remain surrounding integrity and thoughtfulness in everything we do, and we will continue to bring innovation and function to the forefront of every solution. You, our clients, collaborators, and consultants have been instrumental in the work we have completed. Thank you for your continued support.


Your support gives us the opportunity to help enrich and shape yours and our urban and rural surroundings. As always, we want to hear about your projects big or small, immediate or for the future. Please contact us at anytime, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you. Once again, thank you.


As we make this transition, here’s our new contact information:


Anita Gunther             



Dalton Kaun                                 


Our work is full-circle and we look forward to planting the next seed.

Gunther Kaun Architects has completed two new projects we are excited to share with you. Please click here to visit our updated project page to see our local projects Kosa Health and Elbow Park Renovation.


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